Kingmakers attribute delay of new Alaafin to Makinde

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The ancient Oyo town’s kingmakers claim they have completed their task of choosing the new Alaafin and that it is now up to Governor Seyi Makinde to name the new occupant of the prestigious stool.

Under the condition of anonymity, two of the kingmakers claimed to have chosen the new Oba through the established and customary process but that they were still awaiting the government to pronounce the chosen one’s name.

Oba Lamidi Adeyemi passed away in April of last year, leaving the ancient Oyo Alaafin stool empty.

The state government received the name of the allegedly chosen new Alaafin from the kingmakers in September 2022, according to reports.

In response, Makinde said, “I would rather delay and have due process followed so that we can know that the exercise will be a nullity if anyone decides to go to court after that. Strong institutions are what Nigeria currently needs, but we also need people to help create those institutions, in my opinion.

We have done our parts since last year, a kingmaker who did not want his name published told our correspondent. Throughout this process, the government’s representatives were present. A second requirement for entry into the exalted stool was for each candidate (prince) to provide two sureties to witness, sign, and agree to support whoever was chosen to sit on the throne of Alaafin.

“Now that a year has passed, we still do not have a new Oba. So, tell me, how will this town experience incredible growth in a hostile environment or without the Oba? All of us are one. All of the princes are one. After the due process was strictly followed, I believe there should be no more issues. We are still awaiting our kind governor, Makinde, to take appropriate action.

We have painstakingly completed the necessary tasks, whether the chosen and by His grace, our next Alaafin is wealthy or not. We must move forward with a traditional ruler, so the government should simply announce him and end that chapter.

You might remember that Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, the most recent Alaafin, passed away at the age of 83. He was in power for 52 years.

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