Lagos police detain officers seen in viral video brutalising Okada man

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Three police officers were reportedly seen brutalizing the Okada man, known as Al-Hassan Usman, in the Abule Egba neighborhood of Lagos State, according to reports.

One of the officers was seen striking the man with his baton while another kept pushing him away adamantly.

The man, who attempted to wrestle his bike from the policemen, was seen clutching his severely injured forehead as blood was seen oozing out of it.

The two other officers left the scene right away in a tricycle, but the third policeman rode off on the victim’s bicycle.

Reports state that the incident took place four days ago. However, specifics regarding what caused the incident have not been established.

“I’m saying it right now, they have been detained. During the webinar, he stated, “I received the video of the Abule Egba incident on my WhatsApp from the Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba, and when he sends me material like that, I know what it means.

He claimed that Idowu Owohunwa, the commissioner of police for the state of Lagos, had already detained the men without even waiting for orders, claiming that the CP was a skilled officer who knew what to do.

When our men act inappropriately, we don’t waste time, Adejobi continued.

He asserted that the Lagos police spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, should have released their photographs to the public to confirm the arrest of the policemen, and he expressed confidence that Hundeyin would do so shortly.

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