Lagos show promoter fingered by more fashion brands

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More revelations are emerging as three other fashion brands have accused the promoter of the Lagos Fashion Festival, Al-Ameen Babatunde, of allegedly defrauding them to the combined tune of N420,000, payment made for participating in a fashion event which was never held.

The brands, LatejCreations, Adoness Design, and Clothmate, in an interview with According Metro on Thursday, lamented that their efforts to get refunded for the registration fee paid to Babatunde were abortive.

According Metro reported on Thursday that two fashion brands, Ronid Ventures and Mandystitchez, are at loggerheads with Babatunde over the payment of N240,000 for participating in a fashion event which was never held as scheduled.

According to the brands, Babatunde had organised a fashion event tagged Lagos Fashion Fair, to which they subscribed. They alleged that things went sour when they were informed by the organisers that the event had been postponed to a later date, and some days before the new date, they received another notification that the event had been rescheduled for the second time.

The brands had told our correspondent that following the incessant postponement of the event, they requested a refund of their registration fee, which Babatunde refused to pay, but rather resorted to threatening them with legal action.

While Ronid Ventures paid N165,000, Mandystitchez paid N135,000 for the show registration. Meanwhile, Ronid Venture was refunded N60,000 from the amount she paid for registration.

Speaking with our correspondent on Thursday, the CEO of Clothemate, who identified as Bukola, disclosed that her N100,000 registration fee paid to Babatunde since November 2023 had yet to be refunded despite her brand not participating in the fashion event due to incessant postponement.

Bukola added, “I opted out when they said they would postpone it to another date. I already had my diary fixed for the second changed date, and I requested a refund of my money. I was told to communicate through their email, which I did. They have not refunded up until this moment. Mr Babatunde’s manner of approach has been audacious, and rude, and he appears to me as a desperado.”

Also, Bidemi Odunsi of Adoness said she was traumatised by the failure of the show promoter to refund the fashion brands she introduced to him.

“When I got to their office, they looked legitimate, but I did not know they were organised fraudsters. I made a payment of N150,000 for the fashion show, and then they introduced an exhibition, and I made an extra payment of N35,000.

“They postponed the show three times; I complained bitterly and was banned from participating and told that my money would be refunded but till now that has not been done. It’s the same trauma they caused the designers that enrolled through me,” Bidemi said.

Meanwhile, LatejCreations noted that the trauma of having to request her money had adversely affected her health.

“Along the line, we got another message. Despite their assurances of refunds, no action has been taken, and LFF is now planning another event to take place in April. I am deeply troubled by this ordeal, especially considering its adverse effects on my health and livelihood,” she said.

When contacted for a reaction on Thursday, Babatunde told According Metro that LatejCreations did not make payment to him and would not be refunded, but others would be refunded.

“LatejCreations is currently on our watch list, and soon, she’ll be apprehended. She paid to AsoebiAfrica, thinking she could go free. When the time comes, she’ll regret all her actions.

“One thing is sure, whoever does anything unlawful will pay the price with the enforcement. I won’t be forgiving LatejCreations even in my next life.”

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