Lukman: Tinubu’s harsh economic policies are making APC less relevant

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Dr. Salihu Lukman, a former National Vice Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the North-West, has criticized the party for losing support as a result of Bola Tinubu’s policies, which are hardening Nigerians’ lives.

This was revealed by Lukman in a statement, and he cautioned that the party could face internal dissension if nothing is done to address the situation right away.

In order to realign the party with its original objective of becoming a progressive political force in Nigeria, he stressed the significance of APC leaders returning to their prior role as visionary politicians and leading significant political reforms.

In light of this fact, it is difficult to acknowledge that the APC as a political party and President Asiwaju Tinubu’s administration are losing support among Nigerians.

Nobody should be fooled into believing that, given how unpopular we are becoming, there is a chance that regular Nigerians will rebel against us.

“The reality is that the country’s civil society organizations and the political opposition to the APC are both weak, which means that the opposition’s ability to lead the opposition against the APC and President Asiwaju Tinubu may be hazy and desperate, endangering democracy.

“It’s critical that our leaders adopt far more significant political reforms in the nation to reposition the APC and bring it back to its founding vision of becoming a progressive political party in order to avert such danger,” he stated.

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