NEF slams Buhari’s ‘unpresidential’ remark

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The remarks made by President Muhammadu Buhari that the people of Niger and other nearby countries would defend him if Nigerians disturb him after he leaves office have been dubbed “unpresidential” by the Northern Elders’ Forum, or NEF.

The Forum added that the statement is a confirmation of its earlier warnings about his leadership, not just a poor attempt at being sarcastic to dismiss the national outrage over his repeated misrule.

Alhaji Nastura Sharif, the director of youth and mobilisation for NEF, expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation in Nigeria.

The President’s recent comment, he emphasised, was a blatant demonstration of his lack of concern for the Nigerian people.

In addition to being ‘unpresidential,’ Buhari’s comment is a confirmation of what we have been saying all along.

“We warned on numerous occasions that Buhari lacked the necessary skill, competence, and capacity to lead the country long before the elections that put him in office.

“We have made it clear that he lacked the political will to be president of Nigeria, aside from his deep-seated hatred of certain groups and individuals who he perceived as his enemies, and his obsession with power.

At least by this point, everyone is aware that Buhari never had the national interest at heart, only showmanship.

The man has earned the reputation of running the worst government in Nigeria’s history in just eight years, leaving us all poorer, more polarised, and dangerously indebted.


“Now, this remark is just a poor attempt at sarcasm to brush off the national unhappiness with his repeated misrule. Buhari can retire to the moon or the high heavens in our opinion. That would be a relief because nobody would want to think back on him and his eight pointless years in office.

The statement also supported our long-held belief that Buhari is a liability in leadership because he is unable and unwilling to accept criticism and suggestions.

You can see from this statement that he is on par with previous Nigerian leaders like Obasanjo, IBB, and others who have endured harsh criticism both during and after their terms in office but are still relevant and making a difference for their country.


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