Nigeria Air will be a game changer – Garba Shehu

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Despite various obstacles, the Presidency has stated that Nigeria Air will be a game changer when it is finally launched.
Recall that Hadi Sirika, the Minister of Aviation, has stated that the plane for Nigeria Air will arrive in the country on Friday, ahead of the start of operations.

Garba Shehu, the presidential spokesman, said at an appearance on Thursday that the project will be a game changer, particularly for international travel.

Shehu stated that the Nigeria Air project was stymied by a court case initiated by domestic Nigerian airline carriers, emphasizing that the dispute had been resolved.

“The Nigerian process has been running for a very long time,” he remarked. There has been no policy paper on anything that has done the zigzag that Nigerian Air has done in President Muhammadu Buhari’s eight years in office.

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“It was brought before the Federal Executive Council at least seven times before it was finally dismissed.”

“Just as everything was getting ready for the airline to launch, domestic Nigerian airline operators went to court and obtained an injunction ordering Nigeria Air not to fly.” This kept things running until about a week or two ago.”

While congratulating the minister of aviation for his perseverance in making the airline a reality, Shehu stated that the enterprise will benefit many Nigerians.

“The minister has been unfairly attacked all over the place,” he remarked. He’s been working hard to put this airline together, but difficulties have been thrown in his path every step of the way, until only a week or two ago, when the thing was cleared for resuming.

“I can’t say I blame him. The minister hopes to make history by pushing for a new airline. So it is commendable that he wishes to begin it on Friday, which is 24 hours from now. It would surely come as a relief to Nigerians, and it is something that will be a game changer, particularly for foreign travel.”

According to the presidential spokesman, the collaboration with Ethiopian Airways is in the best interests of the country, and the government is simply a terrible business manager.

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“This is entirely different because previous attempts have been made to use treasury resources to run a business,” he noted.

“The government is simply a bad business manager.” So long as these things are handled by the government, we will continue to fail.”This realization is simply the fact that the government of Nigeria would be a minority shareholder in this enterprise, it is going to be essentially business run, and that means it will succeed.”

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