Northern Elders Forum charges President Tinubu of impoverishing northern Nigeria

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President Bola Tinubu is allegedly using his policies to impoverish the northern region of Nigeria, according to the Northern Elders Forum (NEF).

The federal government’s decision to move important offices of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) from Abuja to Lagos prompted NEF spokesperson Abdul-Azeez Suleiman to make the statement.

The idea by the Federal Government was rejected by NEF, which said that it would have a detrimental effect on Abuja’s standing as the nation’s capital and have financial ramifications for both the CBN and the country.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the NEF’s spokesperson, stated to the Saturday Sun: “We are not a forum that whitewashes or smears any administration, including Tinubu’s.”

We’ve set a bar for judgment that we won’t go below, and it consists of speaking the truth to power and acting with responsibility and respect toward all levels of leadership.

“We will not lower the bar when it comes to the interests of the North, the unity and security of Nigeria, or the welfare of all citizens.

“It is our duty to remind President Tinubu that his policies, many of which appear to further impoverish the North while enriching other parts of the country, have resulted in hunger stalking millions of homes.
“Inflation is making life increasingly difficult, people are losing their jobs, businesses are closing down, and infrastructure is decaying.”

Suleiman said that the president must recognize that his policies have had detrimental effects on the North and hoped that he would take the necessary steps to rectify these issues and work towards a more inclusive and prosperous Nigeria.

He warned that if Tinubu does not move beyond sectional considerations, the North will, in 2027, cast their votes against him, bearing in mind the warped federal appointments, slanted resource allocation, and detrimental policies that have occurred during his tenure.

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