NPA unveils new export trucks window to tackle congestion

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Determined to reduce congestion and encourage timely movement of export cargo into Lagos Ports, the Nigerian Ports Authority has opened a 72-hour window for all export trucks to access various terminals.

The NPA also vowed to automatically deactivate access tickets of export cargo trucks that failed to access the ports within the time, adding that the window will take effect from April 22.

In a notice to stakeholders titled, ‘Important Update: Revised Access Window for Left-Pregated Export Trucks’, signed by the management of Truck Transit Parks Limited on behalf of the NPA, the agency explained that the new policy aims at improving traffic flow and reducing congestion around the port access roads.

“The Nigerian Ports Authority has issued an important notice for all stakeholders in the port ecosystem. Effective Monday, April 22, 2024, a policy will be implemented regarding access to the port terminals for left-pregated export trucks.’’

“All left pregated export trucks will now have only 72 hours to access the designated terminal after leaving the Export Processing Terminal. Failure to access the port within a 72-hour window will result in the automatic deactivation of the truck’s access ticket,” the notice read.

Truckers were further encouraged to plan to reach the port within the designated timeframe.

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