Police chief recommits to transform the force

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Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun, Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, says he is committed to altering the narratives of the Police Force in the country in order to fulfill its mandate and the desired aspiration of all officers and men in the Force.

The IGP made the promise while visiting the Adamawa Command of the Police headquarters to express his condolences over the death of one of its best, Inspector Jacob Daniel, who was killed in an attack by some military officers a few days ago.

His visit was also intended to convey his vision of policing with the officers and to elicit their support and collaboration in order for Nigeria to have the police force of their dreams.

While praising the Adamawa State Command for its hard work and sacrifices, the police chief disclosed that the administration’s policing objective is to create a police force that is professionally competent, service-oriented, rule-of-law compliant, and citizen-friendly.

“A police force that can assist the government in achieving Nigeria’s economic recovery and growth, as well as social integration development.” The police force that will serve the people magnificently, perform effectively on its mandates, and be so well positioned and equipped to respond correctly and appropriately to the dynamics and crimes in our communities,” he added.

“I came here today to listen to you as well.” I will not only address you, but also listen to your concerns about issues you wish to raise with the IGP, and I will answer any of your questions”. The IGP went on to say.

He demonstrated to the police officers and men that the current government is passionate about the welfare of the country’s police.

”However, if we want good welfare, we want to be well equipped, we want to double your workforce, and we want you to have everything you need to accomplish your job,” says the commander. According to the police,

He urged, however, that police officers must also commit to good behavior, modify their negative attitude, and regard themselves as servants of the people in order to gain public acceptance and unprecedented assistance.

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Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police denounced the attack on the Police Headquarters in Adamawa State by some unstable soldiers, which resulted in the death of Inspector Jacob Daniel, who was on duty as the headquarters’ quota guide.

He identified the attack as being carried out by terrorists and Boko Haram activities.

While expressing grief over Inspector Jacob Daniel’s death, the IGP stated that he was an exceptional officer, well-behaved and trusted by his superiors, and always committed to his duties.

He stated that the way in which he was murdered had been escalated to the highest authority and that justice will be served.

Meanwhile, he assured the family that the Police Department will be there for them.

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