Safety commission takes action against imposters

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Measures have been put in place, according to Lagos Safety Commission Director-General Lanre Mojola, to stop some dishonest consultants and pretend commission employees from engaging in their illegal activities.

Mojola urged the public to report the actions of any dishonest official or consultant they may know, noting that legal actions had already been taken against those who had been detained.


In addition, she issued a public warning urging people to only deposit money into authorized government bank accounts and not into the accounts of private individuals.

The commission’s Adewunmi Okoh signed a statement that contained this information.

In part, the statement said, “The Director-General lamented the activities of dishonest members of the public carrying out unlawful activities on behalf of Safety Commission and extorting members of the public.

and have any unqualified consultants’ engagements terminated. He mentioned the recent long-term incarceration of a specific impersonator.

“He continued by saying that all of the company’s consultants have authorized identification cards that they are required to always wear when conducting audits or inspections.

“The Director-General urged members of the public to use its hotlines, 07000SAFETY and 08181002233, to immediately report to the government any actions taken by dishonest officials, consultants, or people posing as its officials.

According to him, the commission is in charge of issuing and revoking certificates of overall safety compliance, conducting and reviewing risk assessment reports, looking into safety-related complaints and, if necessary, making recommendations, as well as organizing all state government activities pertaining to the protection of people and property.


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