School owners lament multiple taxations

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Multiple taxes paid to the government, according to the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, are intolerable.

When firms are hit with separate taxes and levies from different governmental levels, it is referred to as multiple taxation.

Multiple taxation became a source of grievance for school owners in Lagos and around the nation over time. They were a major financial burden, according to the majority of them.

A review of the “outrageous” multiple taxes and levies that various government departments are demanding from private school owners in the state has been requested by the Owners of Private Schools Association of Nigeria, Anambra State, and Governor Prof. Chukwuma Soludo.


Multiple taxes from the federal and state governments are a problem, and NAPPS national president Mr. Yomi Otubela lamented this in a conversation with our correspondent. He added that this issue should be looked into for potential harmonisation.

According to Otubela, “in order to keep the minister informed about the issues facing the education sector, critical meetings with the stakeholders are imperative.” To provide them with suitable solutions, this is necessary.

The opinions of different education stakeholders must be considered while developing and implementing policies. It is necessary to conduct periodic evaluations of policies to make sure they are fulfilling expectations and accomplishing goals.

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In addition, Dr. Bola Obe, the proprietor of Platform Schools in Ipaja, Lagos, who lamented the government’s reluctance to offer special low-interest loans to private schools, said that tax collectors’ harassment was harsh.

Giving private schools access to low-interest special financing programs has not been considered by the government. Tax collection agents harassing people and imposing additional taxes is another example. Since private schools rank among the top employers of labor in the nation, careful thought must be given to this issue given how difficult the economy is right now.

In fact, it is more than just several taxes, according to Prince Abidemi Faboye, the proprietor of Abifab College in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Even though taxes and levies are two different things, we pay them all here in Lagos.

To register students for national exams, all authorized schools must pay annual dues; the receipt is required.

“The Lagos State Ministry of Education is responsible for collecting the annual due,” he said.

“The Lagos Internal Revenue handles income tax and premises permits; this extends from the gatekeeper to the school’s proprietor. On school signs, school gates, school buses, and advertisements with the school name, schools are subject to levies and taxes.

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