Sunday Igboho: Tinubu’s presidency can’t stop struggle for Yoruba nation

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Despite the election of a Yoruba president, Yoruba nation agitator Chief Sunday Adeyemo, also referred to as Sunday Igboho, has reiterated the movement’s resolve to establishing an independent Yoruba nation.

Igboho stated his stance during an interview.

Igboho stated that his Ilana Omo Oodua group started agitating long before President Bola Tinubu, a Yoruba guy, was elected, in response to a question concerning abandoning the sovereignty campaign after Tinubu gained office.

Despite the election of President Bola Tinubu, we are still fighting for the Yoruba country. Even before Tinubu secured the All Progressives Congress presidential ticket, we had been engaged in this movement for a considerable amount of time.

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“The election of a Yoruba man to the presidency of the nation is not the basis of our struggle. We must continue to fight for the realization of the Yoruba nation despite Tinubu’s election as president, the Yoruba man declared.
Igboho stated that despite being less noticeable lately, his organization is still actively advancing the cause and that the UN is updated on developments on a regular basis.

Although it may seem like you haven’t heard from or seen much of us lately, the UN is aware of our actions and we are continuing working on the project. He said, “We have sent letters and correspondence informing the international body of our progress in the Yoruba battle.

In addition, he disregarded those who questioned his influence or leadership in the wake of the Tinubu administration.

In response to claims that he was not qualified to lead the fight for self-determination, Igboho spoke out.

In this conflict, no one has the exclusive power. Prof. Akintoye is one of our leaders, but my detractors are unable to identify what is needed to conduct our movement in a lawful and peaceful manner,” he said.

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