Tanko Yakasai: Tinubu’s Choice Of Akpabio, Barau, Others Apt

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Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, a renowned politician, has stated that President-elect Senator Bola Tinubu’s insistence on Senator Godswill Akpabio as Senate President and Senator Barau Jibrin as Deputy Senate President is appropriate and circumspect.

Yakasai stated that the decision to back the duo would be a reward for APC supporters in the South South and North West.

Yakasai, who said Tinubu is the most experienced politician in Nigeria based on his pedigree, said yesterday in Kano that choosing Akpabio will help him deliver on his mandate.

“Don’t forget that Tinubu, as a two-term governor and former senator, knows what he’s doing, so the selection of Akpabio and Barau Jibrin was not made arbitrarily.”

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“Yes, other regions are gunning for the Senate Presidency,” he continues, “but did they support APC during the Presidential Elections, do they have the required Political pedigree in maintaining the Party’s strength and support even beyond 2023, I doubt much.”

“It is the Senators who decide who becomes what in any government through the screening of Appointees, therefore the President needs somebody he will trust to help him accomplish his mission,” Yakasai said.
He explained that the designers of the Nigerian and American constitutions made it mandatory and legal for the Senate, not the House of Representatives, to scrutinize and determine who is appointed to each country’s political offices.

Yakasai stated that Akpabio is not a pushover or overzealous senator, emphasizing that he is an experienced person who was also a two-term governor, so he knows his onions.

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