Tinubu Govt plans earn-as-you-work pay policy for workers

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The Federal Government has developed a National Pay Policy (NPP) to combat workplace arbitrariness and ensure adequate remuneration for Nigerian workers.

Ekpo Nta, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Salaries, Incomes, and Wages Commission (NSIWC), disclosed this on Wednesday in Abuja.

Nta told the Daily Sun that the policy will calculate the number of hours a worker spends in the office as well as the quality of work done to determine salary payment.

“What it entails is that when people work in any country, even in your own private organization, you have a policy guiding them,” he explained. For example, if you get a new job in government, you know you’ll be there for 35 years or until you’re 60, whichever comes first.

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“So, those are the kinds of policies you must implement.” To earn that salary, you must be at work from a specific time in the morning to a specific time in the day or night for those who work shifts. There are no opening and closing times for those in the information sector. So, all of these factors add up to determine your pay. Will you be paid on a regular basis? Are you going to get any extra money?

“Are you going to get fringe benefits because sometimes fringe benefits aren’t monetary?” Do we give you a voucher to take you to the hospital or a staff bus to take you home? These are aspects of your pay policy that will be defined. How often do I have to pay you in a year? Should it be done once a month? Should it happen once a week? And how many increments should I give you? You may be aware that some people receive an automatic rise after one year.

“How many times should your salary be reviewed?” Should your salary be affected by inflation? If inflation is so high, should you keep earning the same amount? If not, what percentages or indices should we use? These will be the elements of a pay policy.

“In addition, as an employer, you should be able to know your income and how many workers to hire before you hire.” In addition, when deciding on a policy, consider your purse. If you want to hire a driver for your home, you must first determine how much money you will make to pay the driver.

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“So, you can say you can hire a driver but you can’t afford N30,000 per month.” That is now your household policy. Two things will happen if you have two drivers. You can either increase your income budget to meet two drivers, or you can negotiate with the driver to come between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. These are what you refer to as your own local policies at home.”

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