We own all land in Nigeria, Miyetti Allah replies Akeredolu

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National President of, Miyetti Allah, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo has said Fulani herdsmen in Ondo forest reserves will not obey the vacation order issued by the Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

Governor Akeredolu had on Monday given herders a seven-day ultimatum to vacate forest reserves in the state.

The ultimatum will elapse on Sunday (tomorrow).

But reacting to the directive from the Ondo State government on Saturday (today) Miyetti Allah President said the Fulani herdsmen in the forest reserves would not move an inch out of the forest.

He said this in an interview he granted Sun Newspaper.

He noted that the Fulani ethnic group owns all the land in Nigeria and nobody could stop the group from living in anywhere in the country

Bodejo said, “All the lands in this country belong to the Fulani, but we don’t have any business to do with land if it doesn’t have areas for grazing; if the land doesn’t have cow food, we won’t have any business with it. We don’t sell land, we don’t farm. What we consider is the areas that have cow food. If the place is good for grazing, we don’t need anybody’s permission to go there”

The Miyetti Allah leader added that his people had been living in the land long before Akeredolu was born and no power could send them packing from the forest of the state or anywhere in Nigeria.

“No any herdsman will obey the governor; the herdsmen will not step an inch out of Ondo forests; they are going nowhere.

We won’t obey the governor; it is only the constitution of Nigeria that we obey. We have been in that area before he was born, how can he just grow up and ask us to leave; no Fulani will leave that place. What are his reasons for the quit notice?” He said.

Bodejo said the group would sue the governor and seek injunction to stop him from executing what he described as “threat”.

He said, “We are suing the governor and seeking injunction restraining him and others from carrying out his threat. But even at that, nobody, no power can send the herdsmen out of Ondo State.”

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