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Covid-19: Patriots’ Club launches 3-key advocacy in support of FG to halt escalation

…. sets to distribute sanitizers, gloves to essential workers

By Toby Prince

The Patriots’ Club of Nigeria (PCN) has launched a three-key advocacy campaign in support of the Federal Government’s measures to halt the spread of the dreaded coronavirus.

In a statement by Abuja District President, Evangelist Sunday Attah, on Monday, the group pledged to distribute sanitizers and gloves to essential workers.

The Patriots’ Club said as Patriots we “ must join hands with the federal government to defeat the Coronavirus pandemic in the spirit of patriotism”.

According to PCN, the FG has been responsive, adopting global standards towards curtailing the further spread of the pandemic

The commendation by the World Health Organization, the group reckoned, buttresses the fact that the Nigerian government has put in great efforts and timely response to the first case of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in the country.

PCN urged all Nigerians to adhere to the 3-keys of Isolation, Social Distancing, and Good Hygienic Habits towards winning the war against Covid-19

The group, however, warned against “sensationalize of real issues on the altar of religion or ethnicity”.

Read full statement below:

The Patriots’ Club of Nigeria, an indigenous organization at the vanguard of promoting patriotism in Nigerians towards attaining nation-building, is holding this press conference in the light of the prevailing circumstances in the country.

Our activities are similar to international organizations such as Rotary Club, The Red Cross, and other international societies with the sole aim of promoting patriotism, love for the nation, and selfless sacrifices to the cause of humanity.

Our activities are centered on conferences, seminars, symposiums, advocacy visits to schools, sensitization programmes on patriotism and love for the country, and this has indeed put us in prime stead to lead this campaign for creating a conducive atmosphere for sustainable growth and development in Nigeria.

The Patriots’ Club of Nigeria wishes to use this medium to emphasize that patriotism is about coming together for the common good; it is about preserving, fortifying, and protecting our democracy.

This much we have stayed true to in Nigeria, and we are doing more to take this message to every nook and cranny of Nigeria with a target on the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow to ensure that these values and morals that unite us become part and parcel of their everyday life.

In due course, we shall be inaugurating the Patriotic Club of Nigeria in Universities, Colleges, and Schools across the country as our sole aim is to inculcate the spirit of patriotism in young Nigerians as future leaders.

The strategic importance of such national consciousness cannot be overemphasized given the plural nature of Nigeria and the diversity of our strengths as a people and as a country. As such, the teeming youths of Nigeria should not be left out of this national consciousness under whatever guise.

The Patriots’ Club of Nigeria, in the spirit of patriotism, wishes to use this medium to lend its voice to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world and the need for Nigerians from all walks of life to stay united to defeat this pandemic.

The starkness of the reality before us is real. It portends grave danger if we elect to sensationalize the real issues on the altar of religion or ethnicity.

It must be stated that this is not about religion but wisdom. This is not about race but humanity. This is not about tribe but health, and ultimately it is all about our existence and our future as a people and as a country. The coronavirus knows no religion or ethnicity; it knows no boundaries or territories. It is a global pandemic, and it must not be treated with kids’ gloves.

It suffices to state that the casualty figures are rising by the minute, and countries are staying united to defeat the scourge. Nigeria should not be an exception, as some would wish for it to be. It is our considered opinion that if this anomaly is allowed to thrive; humanity would suffer untold consequences.

We consequently wish to extend our commendation to the federal government of Nigeria for the numerous and far-reaching measures it has put in place to protect Nigerians from this global scourge.

The commendation by the World Health Organization further buttresses this fact that the Nigerian government has put in great efforts and timely response to the first case of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in the country.

The federal government has been responsive and has adopted global standards towards curtailing the further spread of the pandemic. It behooves on all well-meaning Nigerians to join hands with the federal government in our quest to defeat this global scourge.

The Patriots’ Club of Nigeria consequently wishes to advise and encourage all Nigerians to adhere to the 3-keys of Isolation, Social Distancing, and Good Hygienic Habits towards winning the war against Covid-19.

These three keys have been identified as potent measures for containing the spread of Covid-19. As such, every Nigerian, in the true spirit of patriotism, must adhere to them as their patriotic contribution towards assisting the federal government’s containment initiatives.

There is indeed a need for unity of purpose in this critical period. As a part of our contributions towards defeating this scourge, the Patriots’ Club of Nigeria would be distributing 100,000 hand sanitizers, 10, 000 face masks and other kits to people rendering essential services.

These include but not limited to members of the armed forces on special duty, police personnel on duty, doctors and nurses, cab operators helping to move such staff and other persons in a bid to promote our hygiene.

The Patriots’ Club will take the added responsibility of updating Nigerians with accurate information with regards to the containment efforts of the government through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter as a way of supporting the Nigerian government.

We consequently wish to implore all Nigerians to be a patriot and not a terrorist that will spread any fake news about this pandemic as this would serve no good but bring about fatal consequences.

We also wish to encourage other well-meaning organizations and individuals to come all out to support the efforts of the federal government in ways too numerous to mention as such acts would fall in line with the tenets of patriotism.

Be a patriot, not a terrorist!

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