Matawalle Threatens Nigerians, Criticizes Tinubu for Economic Collapse, Insecurity Will Have Consequences

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Bello Matawalle, the minister of state for defense, has warned that there will be repercussions for making “unwarranted” and “unguarded statements” critical of President Bola Tinubu’s administration regarding rising food prices and security.

In a statement released on Friday, Mr. Matawalle “cautioned Nigerians against using inflammatory comments against the government,” according to Henshaw Ogubike, spokesperson for the ministry of defense.

“Unguarded remarks from certain segments of the public are sharp and harmful, and they have the potential to heighten tensions and spark violence in our dear country,” the speaker stated.

According to Mr. Matawalle, Mr. Tinubu “is trying his best in tackling the economic challenges that Nigerians are facing.” The President and his team are working nonstop to lessen the burdens facing the people of Nigeria. They are cautioning the agents of discord not to make any more uncalled-for statements because doing so will have repercussions.

Angry reactions to rising food prices and economic hardship preceded Mr. Matawalle’s warning. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the nation’s inflation rate rose from 28.92 percent in December 2023 to 29.90 percent in January 2024.

Protests against the high cost of food were held last week in Niger, Kano, and Osun states. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Labour Congress called for a two-day nationwide protest in response to the problem.

Amidst the developments, Nollywood actor Olaiya Igwe and Fuji musician Wasiu Ayinde “KWAM1,” who supported Mr. Tinubu, have expressed concern about the nation’s growing commodity process.

Additionally, the Northern Traditional Council, led by Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, issued a warning, claiming that the nation’s growing poverty, hunger, and insecurity would soon push people to overthrow President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

In response, Mr. Tinubu ordered the distribution of roughly 42,000 metric tonnes of grain, including millet, garri, and maize, throughout the nation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

Mr. Tinubu gave the State Security Service, the Nigeria Police, Nuhu Ribadu, the National Security Adviser, orders to pursue food hoarders on Thursday.

In a synopsis of its evaluation of the Nigerian economy, the IMF praised Mr. Tinubu for his actions, citing, among other things, “the release of cereals from the grain reserve, provided subsidised fertiliser to farmers,” as well as “other measures to ease the impact of rapidly rising inflation on living conditions.”

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