As Environmental Staff Down Tools,
Federal Medical Centre Makurdi has continued to slide further in its downward trend into total dysfunction due to financial embezzlement and poor management as administered by the hospital’s current head.

Most recent is the on going face off between the hospital management and the environmental staff of the hospital, who have threatened to sue the hospital management over its refusal to pay them their monthly stipends and other emoluments.

With the decision by the cleaners to down tools, the hospital environment is visibly littered with used syringes, blood stained wool and other theatre consumables which have made the hospital an eye sore.

The Medical Centre which even before this unfortunate brouhaha between the management and the cleaners was over grown by grass especially the permanent site has become an environmental waste dump as clinical waste and other toxic matter lay littered all over the hospital due to the current downing of tools by the cleaners.

According to an investigation by our correspondent, the cleaners have been owed upwards of 10 months salaries and have decided not to continue working without pay. The workers who are bittered by the refusal of the hospital management to address them or even explain the reason for such refusal to pay them even though they are aware these emoluments have been released have described the Medical Director Dr. Peteru Inyundu “as a wicked man without a conscience.”

“We are aware that our money is available but CMD has refused to pay us. The one that is vexing us is that nobody is even telling us anything. how does he expect us to be working without pay? My brother this Inyundu is a wicked man without conscience”. Lamented a source that spoke on account of anonymity.

It is also worthy of note that since the appointment of Dr. Peteru Inyundu as Chief Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre Makurdi, the institution has beem embroiled in one controversy to another including inflation of contract sums, embezzlement of funds and refusal to pay contracts as at when due.

A visit to the health institution will show how poorly managed it is as the mortuary which is situated at the old site and used to be clean and odorless now emantes unbearable smell due to lack of maintenance by the management, even as the hospital can no longer boast of a functional ambulance even for conveyance of corpses as was hitherto obtainable.

Meanwhile the number of casualties continue to rise as Dr. Inyundu continues to ill administer the hospital