Prophet Muyideen Kasali has warned President Buhari not run in 2019

A popular blind man of God and founder of The Mountain of Mercy Church located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Prophet Moses Muyideen Kasali, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to run in the 2019 presidential election to avoid a monumental disgrace.
Prophet Kasali who was one of the first to prophesy that Buhari will win the 2015 presidential election, declared that if he tries to contest again, he will be soundly defeated and disgraced.
The Prophet who gave Buhari the warning during an interview with reporters in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, said that the President should beware of ‘sycophants and political jobbers who have hijacked his government and render him incapacitated and unable to please God in the assignment the Almighty gave to him.’
Prophet Kasali who also predicted that the All Progressives Congress, (APC), would soon be a like a house divided against itself, warned that any attempt to rig the 2019 Presidential to favour Buhari by the ruling party, would not only fail, but also bring ruin to those plotting it.
“The APC itself was founded on deception and insincerity. It is a pity that the party’s merger that produced the current leadership is largely composed of selfish men who became strange bedfellows,” Prophet Kasali began.
Continuing, he said:
“The few ones who have genuine intentions to lead the nation like President Buhari have been overwhelmed by the bad heads.
My candid advice for President Buhari is to heed the counsel of the wise and godly and retire to his home in Daura and perish the thought of re-contesting in 2019.
I pray he would be wise enough to do this and allow Nigeria to have peace. If those who have constituted themselves as a cabal of this government make any untoward attempt to deploy state machinery to rig President Buhari into power in 2019, they will not only fail but would bring damnation on themselves and their families.”