Why old politicians should retire — Oyo YPP Guber aspirant, Ogunniyi

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Ibadan-based business mogul, Kehinde Ogunniyi, has officially declared his desire to run for the office of the Governor of Oyo State in the 2023 election.

He declared his ambition at the Bodija axis of the state yesterday.

The serial entrepreneur disclosed that his intrinsic sense of responsibility, love for the people of Oyo State as well as a passion for development and empowerment are his driving motives for coming forward.

Ogunniyi, who is coming out under the platform of the Young Progressives Party, was flanked by the party chieftains such as the party chairman, Prince Deji Adeyemi; the Public Relations Officer of the Party; Abimbolu Ogunbanwo; Aare Dapo Adigun, an Ex-officio of the party; the CEO of Copacapana, Aare Ahmed Ajibola; among other high profile personalities in the state.

In his declaration speech, Oguniyi noted that he has “a proven record, having managed business and empowered over 200 entrepreneurs in the past 10 years for sustainable growth and development.”

He noted that he can develop Oyo state into a viable state that will not survive on monthly allowances of the federal government.

Commending the sacrifices of the past administrations, Ogunniyi, however, noted that the old folks who have given their best need to be retired since their best is not in tandem with the current realities of a forward-looking nation.

He revealed that his education plans are geared toward ensuring that no students are denied access to quality education and infrastructure in the state.

He further noted that his administration will leverage on the agricultural potential of the state to produce enough food and earn foreign exchange to further develop the potential of the state.

He emphasized that, if elected, he will empower over 500,000 youths in the agricultural sector thereby drastically reducing the unemployment rate in the state

Ogunniyi reiterated that his administration will take health care as a priority by ensuring that no one in the state does not have working health insurance.

He called on the people of Oyo State to support his ambition, pledging that his administration will be committed to taking the people of Oyo State to where they should be and not where they want to be and in the course of his journey, he promised to subject himself to public appraisal to determine the fruition of his campaign promises.

Read full declaration below:

Great Compatriots,
This is my agenda for a greater height in Oyo State

My name is Matthew Ogunniyi, I am an indigene of Oyo State, a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record.
With an intrinsic sense of responsibility and love for the people of Oyo State and a passion for development and empowerment, I hereby declare my intent to run for the Office of the Governor of Oyo State in the forthcoming 2023 governorship election in Oyo State. I will be contesting on the platform of our great party, the Young Progressive Party (YPP). Over a period of 10 years, I have managed businesses successfully and empowered over 200 entrepreneurs for sustainable growth and development. From a business standpoint, I have the capacity to develop Oyo State into a viable state against the outdated practice of waiting for the Federal Government’s monthly allocations before we can pay salaries, develop infrastructure, and manage the affairs of the state. As a humanitarian, I have always seen it as a duty to lift desiring skilled youths in Oyo state and beyond out of the shackles of unemployment. My accomplishments so far have been without any government contract or appointment in any form. Having achieved this much, it will not be out of place to put myself forward to serve the people in a greater capacity where I will be able to manage and allocate resources for the overall benefit of the people of Oyo state.

The evergreen, prominent statement, “The youth are the leaders of tomorrow”, has been told, uttered, and recited to the younger generation over time. The prospects of leading in various capacities have been engraved in the minds of youths but the dilemma remains

the availability of an enabling environment for young men and women to maximize their potential in contributing to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

The power, hope, and truth in that statement make the prevailing reality of Oyo State and Nigeria in extension a very hard pill to swallow because the average Nigerian has been consistently denied a peaceful and safe society, a thriving economy with equal opportunity for all, quality education, healthcare, critical infrastructures, and leadership. My ambition is particularly critical to the future of youths in Oyo state at this point in our lives as a people because it is evident that the older folks have run out of ideas that can conveniently lead us to the greater heights that we all have been craving for.

A little while ago in a gathering of my peers, a Nigerian youth asked a seemingly rhetorical but thought-provoking question, in his words, “How will a 60–80-year-old man understand the mindset of 18-year-olds in the 21st century, let alone prepare them for the next 40 years of their lives.

Saying that the older folks have run out of ideas does not mean at one point or the other, they have not done well for the state, but in this time and season, they have done their best which is not enough, hence, deserves to be retired permanently in order to pave the way for fresh ideas that can stand the test of time and give us the progress we desire and deserve in Oyo State.

I participated actively in the call for a better life across the country in various struggles, including End SARS MOVEMENT and issues that surround it. It was a movement that ought to have salvaged the entire nation from the claws of our supposed leaders but was subdued and the populace was compelled to silence because our voices were not loud

enough due to hunger among other issues. The movement would have been tagged ‘successful’ if the average youth in the country is gainfully employed today. It would have been effective if an average youth in this country is not vulnerable. Our vulnerability was merely used to subdue us. Hoodlums who were supposed to be part of us were paid crumbs to cause mayhem in order to declare our movement a destructive one.

Believe me, this current crop of leaders will continue to keep us underdeveloped in order to have us vulnerable and available at their beck and call.
They will continually shy away from creating an enabling environment and opportunities for us to be more productive, instead, they would prefer to steal our collective patrimony and leave us to feed on the crumbs.

Fellow Compatriots, the plan that is geared at taking us to that enviable height as a state is been developed by myself and my team, and we are ready to implement it for our collective good. Our blueprint is pointing to five (5) critical issues which are

  • Food Security
  • Security (Peaceful co-existence)
  • Quality Education
  • Accessible and Functional Healthcare
  • Massive Infrastructural development.

    A state where food is available and affordable will be productive. The saying that,” a hungry man is an angry man”, could not be more accurate as most vices stem out of average, hungry people just trying to feed and provide food for their loved ones. I believe this will solve 90% of our problems.

We have laid it in our plan to leverage our very fertile land to produce enough food to meet our local needs then, our neighbouring states, and Nigeria as a whole, and eventually, earn Foreign Exchange from Agriculture. This endeavour will be championed by able youths with support from successful stakeholders in the Agricultural sector. We do not intend to throw away indigenous knowledge of existing rural farmers, rather, we will work collectively to drive this plan to succeed.

With Agriculture alone, we propose to engage and empower 500,000 youths in productive and sustainable ventures.
Our mineral resources and tourism sectors will be adequately exploited for growth and development under my watch as Governor. While we work at achieving food security, tourism potential, and materializing our lands’ rich mineral resources, we would be solving our security challenges ultimately. I assure you that with an unwavering commitment to our roadmap, we would successfully end thuggery and all forms of insecurities in our state.

My team and I have successfully studied the approach used in Oyo State between 2011 and 2019 on security, it was not a perfect approach but it recorded a positive outcome, and we have adapted and improved on it towards achieving a better result. I can assure you; that we would successfully rehabilitate thugs in our society to join in our developmental efforts within a few weeks of assumption of office. We have the political will and we shall achieve it.

I understand the issues surrounding our diversity as a people and I will engage all stakeholders at ensuring that we sustain peace in our dear state because I know firsthand that, where there is no peace and security, nothing good can be achieved.

As far as education is concerned, it will be my responsibility to ensure that no student is denied the right to be in school and catered for at school. Today, we claim to be one of the states in Nigeria where basic education is free but unfortunately, most of the infrastructures are dilapidated, and students don’t have chairs and tables to seat or books to write with. It is no more news that a 60-leaves exercise book in Oyo State today now costs #2100. What evil can be more than that? How heartless can a generation be? I will ensure that no student is deprived of basic education and our government foots the bill. While we are catering for the students, we would ensure that the teachers have the proper orientation and are appropriately compensated to boost their morale toward impacting our children and wards.

At the tertiary level of education, I will ensure that in Oyo State, strike actions will become a thing of the past by ensuring that we relate with the various unions from time to time. We would as well ensure we give research grants to our universities and other tertiary institutions to aid research for developmental efforts and compete globally.

Our administration will sponsor a bill at the State House of Assembly that will ensure that any government appointee accused of corruption in our administration will automatically step aside pending investigation by independent persons/bodies comprising of personnel with impeccable character and integrity in our society. We propose to eliminate all unnecessary red-tape and stalling tactics to facilitate procedures of investigation that will not take forever. At the establishment of guilt, such a fellow shall face the appropriate punishment.

I believe any person, who steals a Kobo from our common patrimony i.e., government money, has invariably committed a grave offence, which by international standards today

attracts capital punishment. No one on earth who has stolen our money before now should/will go scot-free. We are committed to weeding corruption from its roots in our land as well as its branches wherever they exist.

For healthcare, we are relying on the saying that asserts that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. As a government, we will ensure to improve our health insurance efforts such that there shall be no one in Oyo State without a working health insurance policy.

My administration will not venture into any ‘white elephant projects’ but will always put in mind the critical needs of the people at the budget drawing stage for any fiscal year. Our economic blueprints will always be presented before stakeholders for a debate to objectively determine what should be done against what is not pertinent to the need of the people. I commit myself to take the good people of Oyo State to where they should be and not necessarily where they wish to be and in the course of our journey, we will subject ourselves to public appraisal as to whether we have delivered on our promises or not, which I can assure you, God helping me, we shall never disappoint the good people of Oyo state.

Let me serve you all with my good intentions and the fear of almighty God. Thank you, God bless you,
God bless Oyo State, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.