Dele Momodu tells APC, “I never promised Tinubu unconditional support.”

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Former presidential candidate Dele Momodu claims that he never promised President Bola Tinubu his whole support in exchange for the £500 that Tinubu paid him while he was living in exile.

But Momodu asserted that he had paid the president back a thousand times over for the assistance he provided.

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The former contender for president was responding to different accounts of his interview in which he was purportedly saying he would always back Tinubu.

On his X page, which was once known as Twitter, he made this revelation on Tuesday.

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“The people behind APC will never stop spreading their own transcript of the interview I did with @chudeity a few years back.

They seem to be fixated on the statement I made that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu handed me 500 pounds in London during our period of exile, as though that implies I had to live as a slave forever in exchange for that much-needed assistance.

“The truth is, I paid that favor back tenfold. There are a number of methods I won’t discuss here, but the main one is that I received thousands of dollars’ worth of free publicity on Ovation platforms. The term for it is “adding value.”

He shared the entire interview footage and stated, “I never said I would support Tinubu unconditionally.”

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