Sanwo-Olu opens Ikorodu tech hub

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On Friday, the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, opened the Senator Abiru Innovation Lab in the Ikorodu neighborhood of the state.

The SAIL is an innovation and technology lab that is dedicated to providing relevant technology, business, and digital skills to tech enthusiasts and young entrepreneurs across the Lagos East Senatorial District. The SAIL is located in the Ebute neighborhood of Ikorodu, which is in the state of Lagos.


The laboratory is a private endowment project that was started in 2021 by Senator Mukhail Abiru and his wife, Mrs. Feyisola Abiru. It is currently being operated in partnership with Co-creation Hub.

Sanwo-Olu, who was in charge of the project’s unveiling on Friday, referred to the SAIL as a “game changer” while discussing its potential to amplify the narrative of technological evolution in Lagos.

He stated that Africa had not only been absent from the first but also the second Industrial Revolution. The tail end of the Third Industrial Revolution served as our point of departure. Because it is the technology that will give up the leapfrog and make a young person sitting in Ikorodu compete with his peers across innovation capitals of the world, we have no excuse for why we shouldn’t be key stakeholders in the upcoming Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions.

“I am ecstatic that the SAIL will be providing more opportunities for our young people to learn, relearn, and grow their skills in the technology space in order to build a prosperous future not only for themselves but also for our beloved country. I want to extend my gratitude to Senator Abiru and his wife for coming up with such a brilliant solution.

According to Abiru’s explanation, “SAIL took off in 2021 in partnership with CcHub to deepen acceptance of technological innovation in the Lagos East Senatorial District, using a human-centered design approach.”

The lab facility is outfitted with cutting-edge technological advancements, and it is completely managed by the CcHub’s highly trained facilitators. These facilitators lead a wide variety of programs that are provided at no cost to participants who travel from various parts of the district to take part.


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