Senator Adeola requests Army Chief look into Aide’s murderers, bring them to justice


Senator Adeola has urged Major General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff, to oversee the capture of the assassins of his aide in order to forward the investigation, the case, and the administration of justice.

The bereaved Senator had previously stated that the information he had on the circumstances indicated that Mr. Sanni had been asked to provide the documents for the vehicle he was driving when “security agents” stopped him at a checkpoint near the Ojodu-Berger Area of Lagos on his way to his home in Isheri. He complied with their request by calling his wife, who then sent all the documents to his phone via WhatsApp.

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The late Mr. Sanni reportedly informed the wife who had called a short time later that soldiers were still inspecting the vehicle’s paperwork. The bullet-riddled body of Mr. Sanni was eventually found at the Toyota Bus Stop area of Oshodi, adjacent to a military barrack, and that was the last thing she heard from her husband.
Senator Adeola, in a statement released in Abuja regarding an update on the investigation into the murder and armed robbery by the Nigerian Police Force, stated that he is of the firm belief—based on information at the Police’s disposal—that his aide was killed by a group of soldiers working under the newly deployed Commander of 9 Brigade, Ikeja Cantonment of the Nigeria Army, Brigadier General Nsikan John Edet, through the setting up of checkpoints.
In the statement he personally signed, Senator Adeola claimed that top police sources familiar with the investigation told him that a similar brutal killing and armed robbery took place near the same Ojodu- Berger late Thursday night of August 17, 2023, killing another Nigerian who was taken away from the checkpoint by soldiers. His body was later found near Iyana- Ipaja.The senator said that, unbeknownst to the soldiers, the driver of the automobile they killed and hauled away was the second vehicle in a convoy of two vehicles travelling in the same direction.
The second car was stopped to inspect the vehicle’s paperwork as the first car sped past the soldiers’ checkpoint. After a time, the driver of the first automobile (name withheld) saw that the second car was gone and called his colleague in the second car, who told him that the troops at the checkpoint were taking him to Iyana Ipaja.
That was the last he heard from him, and just like Mr. Sanni, his lifeless body was eventually found discarded on the highway. The first car’s survivor called the police, who discovered a pattern of armed robberies and killings in the neighbourhood involving guys wearing Army uniforms.
A pattern of killings and armed robberies against soldiers mounting late-night checkpoints around Ikeja has been established, and similar unreported incidents have occurred recently around Ikeja, Senator Adeola urged the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Taoreed Lagbaja, to direct the search for the killers of his aide for further investigation, prosecution, and justice for the deceased, adding that the Nigerian Army cannot be seen to cordon off or harbour rogue elements.
The congressman claimed that Mr. Sanni’s black Toyota Camry, phones, and other valuables are still missing as of this writing.

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