Tinubu: Viral headline attributed to Pastor Enenche malicious – Group demands retraction

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The Concerned Christian Youths have condemned the false and misleading statement attributed to Dr Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

The headline claimed that Dr. Enenche declared that the president-elect, Bola Tinubu, has no reason to be afraid of the ongoing campaigns against him.

However, the group asserted that the caption is false, malicious, and intended to mislead the public.

The group in a statement by Kayode Enitan Caleb, President abd Darlington Okujaye, Secretary urged responsible journalism and called for the retraction of the article.

The Concerned Christian Youths expressed deep concern over the “callous and devilish attempt” to distort the truth, spread misinformation, and tarnish Dr Enenche’s impeccable reputation.

They cautioned Opera News against peddling false news and quack journalism. The group demanded the immediate removal of the fake, false, mischievous, and malicious write-up.

They also call for a sincere commitment to truthfulness and professionalism in future reportage.

The statement reads below;

Our attention has been drawn to the above caption being attributed to the revered Dr Paul Enenche on opera news.
The caption can be best described as false, malicious and misleading. It is a figment of the imagination of some mischievous elements who are desperate to cause misinformation and confusion.

Dr Enenche never made such a statement. Those who know the man of God and his antecedents can confirm that the captioned statement is incompatible with his nature and public comments and pronouncements.

Yes, prayers were made in church today against all forces of evil militating against our nation in this season, but no politician was addressed, either directly or indirectly. As a patriotic citizen, Dr Enenche has been consistently engaging his congregation in praying for the nation, even years before this current electioneering and transition season.
It is therefore callous and devilish for some untutored rogues to attempt to distort the truth, misinform the public, cause confusion and smear the impeccable reputation of a man known for his unparalleled integrity.
We would like to sound a note of warning to opera news to desist from peddling false news and quack journalism. They should pull down the fake, false, mischievous and malicious writeup immediately and make conscious efforts to be truthful and professional in their reportage henceforth.

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