Two kids electrocuted, Lagos mother admitted to hospital

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After losing two of her children to electrocution on Thursday, an unidentified mother in Lagos State’s Mushin neighborhood is today fighting for her life.

The children—a boy, seven years old, and a girl, ten—were electrocuted, local sources claim, when they tried to turn on the television after school.

PUDDLE Metro learned through local sources that the parents, who were rumored to have been inside the room or away when the tragedy happened, were devastated to learn of their children’s fate, with the mother collapsing and now fighting for her life in the hospital.

Toyosi, a local, called the incident “the devil’s work,” in an interview with PUNCH Metro.

“It was after school on Thursday, and the girl was trying to turn on the TV from the socket when she got electrocuted,” the woman continued. The younger child tried to touch his older sister without even comprehending what had happened to her, and he too was electrocuted.

They remained there until the light was stolen, at which point they started to fall. The woman is reportedly still in the hospital. She still isn’t feeling well after the shock. We were told that she was unable to speak or cry when people came to see her; instead, she would just sit and stare.

When the two elder children passed away, the mother of the children was breastfeeding the third child, according to another local resident who wished to remain anonymous.

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