UN and FCDA work together to reduce traffic accidents

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To make streets safer for drivers, the Federal Capital Development Authority is working with the United Nations Road Safety Trust Fund Implementation Partners.

This aims to reduce the number of collisions and promote road safety in Nigeria.

During a Friday visit to the FCDA in Abuja, Mr. Simon Obi, the executive director of the GreenLight Initiative, spoke.

Obi emphasized the significance of including the FCDA in the project’s successful execution, particularly in the Federal Capital Territory.

The Federal Road Safety Corps, vehicle inspection officers, and other security agencies should work with government organizations to develop and promote policies for safer streets, in his opinion, particularly in Abuja.

The project, according to Obi, was in line with the UN’s Global Road Safety Week and concentrated on using sustainable forms of transportation, such as walking, bicycling, and public transportation, to make roads safer for motorists.

He also emphasized the development of greener, healthier, and less reliant on automobiles forms of transportation.


Reaching out to the FCDA and other stakeholders is one of the tasks that we were given.

We chose this particular day because of its significance, so that is why we are here.

He stated, “The Committee was established to carry out a project called safer streets for Road users in Nigeria.

Obi added that the pilot phase of the project was slated to take place in Abuja.

“We cannot be carrying out a project of this magnitude without involving the landlord, was something that came up during the various committee meetings.

Our advocacy committee is in charge of leading the project’s advocacy component, and one of the tasks we were given was to get in touch with the FCDA and other stakeholders, according to Obi.


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