Fani-Kayode’s estranged wife,Precious, seeks custody of children

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The estranged wife for former Minister of Aviation and chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Femi Fani-Kayode, Precious Chikwendu has commenced legal process to retain custody of their children.
Precious has sued Fani-Kayode before the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), seeking among others, the custody of the four children produced by the married, “but with reasonable right of access to the respondent (Fani-Kayode).
The woman, who wants Fani-Kayode and her agents restrained “from forcibly abducting” the children from her custody, urged the court to order the ex-Minister to pay N3.438million her monthly for the upkeep of the children and additional sums for their education and other ancillary expenses.
She stated that the children, who are all bellow six years, have been emotionally traumatised since they were separated from her since August 2, 2020. She added that she has not seen any of them for over seven months now.
In an affidavit supporting the suit marked: CV/372/2021 filed by her lawyer, Mrs. E. D. Moi-Wuyep, Precious gave details of how Fani-Kayode allegedly subjected her to both verbal and physical abuses, during their six-year relationship.
At the mention of the case on Friday before Justice Sylvanus Oriji of the High Court of the FCT in Apo, Abuja, the judge found that Fani-Kayode, through his phone conversation with the plaintiff, acknowledged receipt of the summons served on him.
The court’s finding was in spite of the claim by his lawyers that he has not been properly served with court’s documents.

Justice Oriji then adjourned till March 12, 2021 for formal report of service.
Precious stated, in the supporting affidavit, that she met Fani-Kayode sometimes in 2014 when she was 24 years, following which she moved into his house at No. 5, Zuma Close, Off Udi Hills Street, Aso Drive, Abuja.
“That the relationship was blessed with four beautiful children: Master Aragorn Fani-Kayode (5 years), Master Ragnar Fani-Kayode (2 years), Master Aiden Fani-Kayode(2 years), and Master Liam Fani-Kayode (2 years).
“My relationship with the respondent had been a turbulent and unhappy one. The respondent was in the habit of beating me up during every quarrel.
“My relationship with the respondent witnessed fear, harassment, and series of assault both perpetrated by the respondent himself or with the use of the Nigerian Police force, his security details and, or his personal bodyguards.
“From the early days of our relationship, the respondent has always maintained a lifestyle of utter disregard to my feelings.
“This was evident in the way and manner the respondent assaulted me while pregnant with our first son, Aragorn. The respondent kicked me severally on my stomach over a petty argument that ensued.
“It was my friend, Vanessa who was around at the material time that intervened at the nick of time to save me. I had to leave the respondent’s house a few days after this incident.
“The respondent repeated the same act when I was pregnant with the triplets, this time it was my mother and sister, Faith that intervened.
“The respondent, at the slightest provocation abuse, beats and assaults me, my late mother and my siblings when they visited. As we progressed in the relationship, the beatings became so severe that on many occasions, I feared for my life.
“The respondent will strip me naked in the full glare of everyone in the premises, threaten to kill me while hitting me, and on other occasions, exhibit all form of cruelty towards me.
“I sometimes leave the house to my friend’s place for safety. I have a number of recorded videos and voice notes to prove this series of inhumane treatments.
“When I was pregnant with the triplets, the respondent started accusing me of infidelity.
“This allegation escalated to what I reasonably believe was a paranoia, which eventually influenced the respondent in forcefully preventing me from travelling out of the country to give birth to the triplets, on some convictions that I will abscond with the kids for another man.

“I made several unsuccessful attempts to leave the relationship because of the escalating abuse and violence, but the respondent will in his usual trend, use the Nigerian Police Force to restrain and unlawfully detain me.
“Sometimes in 2018, in one of my attempts to leave the house with the children, the respondent in the company of the immediate DPO of Asokoro Police Division and her team of police men handcuffed me and stripped me naked while someone from the crowd, whom I initially mistook for a police man, forcefully injected me with sedation.
“I was then abducted and incarcerated at a hospital, for a period of two weeks. I was separated from my six months old triplets and a year-old son at the time,” Precious said

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