The love struck Lizo Taliwe
Lizo Taliwe has been pushing his woman in a trolley for years

Unable to buy his lover a car, a 42-year-old man from Cape Town, South Africa, Lizo Taliwe decided to be pushing her around the city in a trolley to prove his true love for her.
Daily Sun reports that Taliwe has become very popular as he is always seen pushing his girlfriend in the shopping trolley wherever they go and never seems tired of showing her his undying love.
When he was cornered by Daily Sun reporters to find out why he embarks on such show of low, Taliwe reportedly replied:
She is my queen and it’s my job to take care of her in any way. I enjoy what I’m doing and I don’t mind the hot weather. As long as my queen is happy, I’m happy too,” he said.
His 40-year-old girlfriend, Zukiswa Dyantyi, also said that she was happy she chose Taliwe because he treats her like a queen and goes out of his way to make her happy at all times.
It was gathered that the two have been together for eight years and Taliwe has been pushing Dyantyi around all those years.
Asked if she was lazy to move around on her own, Taliwe replied:
“She is not lazy. I love her and I don’t want her to get tired. Even though we are poor and don’t have anything, we love each other.
To find true love, people need to stop looking at materialistic things because the person who really loves you might not have anything.”