‘Don’t drink and drive’, Sabinus warns after accident

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SKIT MAKER, Emmanuel Chukuwemeka Ekaterinburg, aka Sabinus, has attributed his fatal accident to drunk driving.

“Don’t drink and drive”, he wrote on Twitter this afternoon.

It is however unclear if the comedian was referring to himself.

In an announcement in a live video earlier, Sabinus said he and the other driver were on separate lanes and he was shocked that they could have collided.

The skit maker stated no harm could befall him because he doesn’t wish that on another.

He said: “For the people calling, I am receiving messages, I am okay. Don’t be afraid. The only thing I keep saying is people should avoid drinking before driving. It is the first time I will be seeing a car driving in one lane, and another car in another lane drive into the other lane and scatter the motor.

“We thank God. We thank God for life first. So Sabinues, I am safe, nothing happened to me. I am okay. Don’t be afraid.

“Who dies are those with bad hands those whose hands are not clean. We thank God.”